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Thank you for helping

 Caroline go to Madagascar with Zara Aina!

To donate online, there is a website with the direct PayPal set up with Zara Aina in my name. Click below!

I was thrilled when Zara Aina chose me to be on the team as a future leader on our Madagascar trip for three weeks this August!











The trip was incredible! I feel changed and full of inspiration. I have a new drive to help all the people around me no matter what. As long as I am an able body person, I want to be serving.

Madagascar taught me to love deeper and truer and

I am forever grateful. 


            **How YOU can help**

Zara Aina is a Malagasy phrase that means "share life". 

Ever since I learned about the organization Zara Aina while at NYU, it has been my dream to go on a Madagascar trip with them. Founded by Broadway actors Lucas Caleb Rooney (one of my teachers at Tisch) and Bryce Pinkham, Zara Aina helps at-risk children expand their capacity for achievement through theatrical performance and storytelling. In case you don't know (I didn't!) Madagascar is an extremely impoverished country where only 30% of kids make it through middle school and only 75% of kids ever attend school at all. At the heart of Zara Aina is the power of storytelling and performance, which we believe instills confidence and motivates children to learn and invest in their sense of possibility.

If you prefer to send a check,

they should be made out to "Zara Aina" with "Caroline's Trip Fund 2017" in the subject line. 


Zara Aina

PO Box 1199

New York, NY 10009

Luckily all donations to Zara Aina are tax deductible! 

I'm excited to share this video I put together for our 2017 Benefit! Take a look!

I am also a proud member of Zara Aina's Grant Committee.

I feel so lucky to be able to learn more about applying for grants and helping this great organization.

 A 2016 ZA trip to at Win Shelters in NYC!

Above is me dancing with some sassy seniors at

a ZA workshop!

Photos by: Todd Estrin Photography

Here are some recent pictures from our Zara Aina U.S Outreach trip to Camden, Alabama where we spent a week with a group of 30 children (age 8-16) at BamaKids---an amazing after school program created to empower and assist at-risk kids with their futures. We put together a show completely created by the kids---they dazzled us with songs, awesome dances, poems, and bold characters (princes & princesses, detectives, dungeon masters,and a castle cook!) It was incredible to see the talent these kids have, all they needed was a place to show it!

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