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About Me


Caroline was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, while spending summers and holidays in Charlottesville,Virginia with her photographer father. Traveling frequently since an early age, she was eager to come to the big city to attend New York University. At Tisch School of the Arts, she studied the Meisner technique for 3 years, and then honed her film acting skills at Stonestreet Studios. Along with her BFA in Drama Performance, Caroline received a Journalism degree at NYU----she hopes to use her skills to tell the average person's story through art-----both on camera and on the stage. Caroline is a little Midwestern girl who is quite traditional; she enjoys old music, baking pies, and sending cards through snail mail.

Caroline Grogan - Todd Estrin Photograph


"Caroline Grogan gives a precocious, crackerjack performance as Mary Warren, a young girl in Abigail’s cohort."          

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Caroline is now an Audie nominated voice over actor! The cast of Audible's STUCK by Chris Grabenstein received a nominated in the Young Listeners category this Spring. Listen to Caroline's performance of AVA below. It was neat to play a very young girl who ends the book as a dramatic teenager!

Excerpt from Audible's STUCKCaroline Grogan
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The Latest

Making her network debut!

Caroline played Tessa Lancaster on CBS's FBI: MOST WANTED Episode 2.11"Obstruction." Caroline enjoyed working with director Ken Girotti & the rest of the series regulars!

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Photos by: Ashley Garrett
Photo by: Ashley Garrett

Caroline is thrilled to be playing ROBIN in Bedlam: The Series. You can also call her Panda! Learn more about this Shakespearian mashup episodic series HERE.

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"Caroline Grogan gives a precocious, crackerjack performance as Mary Warren, a young girl in Abigail’s cohort."          

See the full New York Times Review


Caroline just finished her Off-Broadway Debut in Bedlam's The Crucible directed by Eric Tucker. This "spellbinding" production earned a NYTimes Critic's Pick and the great praise of audiences.

Photo credit: Ashley Garrett Photography

Bedlam The Crucible Preview 2019-28.jpg